Friday, April 28, 2006

Hello To Y'all In Texas!!!

So, I know this is my second post today, but, I couldn't help myself after looking at my site meter. I noticed all the traffic I had today from the Central Texas area. This is probably due to the fact that my friend Kim who is also a blogger (I found this out last night!) posted something on my blog and I on hers. So, I've decided to say a hearty "HOWDY!" to all of my dearly missed friends back in Central Texas!

You guys don't have the slightest inkling just how much your camaraderie over the years is missed by the Howards. Every Friday (today included), I think of all of you hanging out at the park. We have so many, many fond memories of you all and hope to get to see you all sometime this year. Right now we are hoping (and planning) for a Christmas trip back to the Lone Star State. I'll tell ya', you can take the girl out of Texas, but you most definitely CANNOT take Texas out of the girl! Do you all know that I've actually been called a "YANKEE" here? I talk way too fast for the locals so they just assume that I'm "from up north" (You've got to say this REALLY SLOOOOOOOOW to get the real effect!). How 'bout that? I spend my entire life (save for a few months in college) in what I thought was the South, and come to find out that I'm a Yankee after all! I had to move to the North and East to live in the South! Go figure!

Well, have a rip-roarin' nice hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks summer there in Texas! I miss you all, but I don't miss the heat!

I love you all!

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Lace said...

I just wanted to say I miss everyone in Texas to!