Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Place in Gatlinburg

I would like to share with you all today some more pictures of beautiful things in Gatlinburg. These, however, are Christmas things. I hope they help you to think of the real reason for this season: the season the whole world stops and takes notice that Jesus Christ is Lord.

You see, whether we are in chaos or peace, Christ has come to this world. And when He came He changed everything. Permanently.

No more should we worry or fear. Yes, the whole world seems to be falling apart. Yes, the financial crisis is bad. Yes, things are not as they should be. We are not, after all, in Eden anymore.

But for a few moments this Christmas season, stop and remember that the One who made everything around us, made Himself into man and came to this world in the most humble of circumstances. He lowered Himself to be....with us.

He knows all that is going on in our world. He experienced it here with us. He knows what our fears and pains are. He suffered as well. He knows the deep dark corners of your heart and the trials you have endured. He endured far worse.

And yet, He decided to do it. He did it for us, so that we might know Him. So that we might be still and KNOW that He is God.

He is in control. He has known before the foundation of the world all that was to come. And yet He chose this life. He chose to share His life also, so that we might have peace.

This current storm is no match for Christ. Rest in Him. Be at peace in Him. No more rush and fret. Halt. Be still and KNOW that He is God.

This, this stilling is why He came. For you. All for you.

Let it sink in.... and then, breathe a sigh of relief. Rest.

He has come.

p.s. To my family and friends back home in Texas: I am so thankful I have been given the opportunity to come see you during this advent season! I am looking forward to throwing my arms around your necks and giving you all big hugs and kisses very soon!