Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why You Do What You Do...

A recent contact with a friend from college (days when I was not following the Lord and had a different course planned for my life...you know, career woman and all that that implies. Feminist all the way, etc....) has me thinking about how to "defend" my choice of "career" as a full-time wife, homeschooling mother, and homemaker. But is "defending" what I really need to do? If you are in the same place as I, you probably have come under attack at some point or another for following what you know to be the Lord's plan for your life. Why do we feel this need to defend ourselves in that to which we have been called? Why not just live it out in the confidence that we are doing the right thing; that we are obeying the Lord God Almighty? It is only He to Whom we must answer. Why do we feel this need to defend ourselves to man?

Is this not the simple "fear of man" as Paul put it? We have nothing to fear except God Himself, but because we can't see Him, we tend to fear what we can see...those around us whose opinions we desire to be within the good graces of...even to impress them with our prowess in all matters domestic. Again, this is the "fear of man," not surrender and obedience to Christ.

He gave all for those who did not approve of Him. He gave His entire life for our salvation. Yes, because He loves us...but more importantly, because it was His Father's plan...a plan He submitted to willingly because He loves the Father and wills to obey Him.

I have need of praying daily, and my prayers now need to be of the type that asks daily for the Lord to strengthen my will to obey His will for His sake only.

Do any of you struggle with this same temptation? Isn't it amazing how deep our sin nature runs? What do you pray for in the midst of this struggle? I especially want to hear from those of you who have large families. How do you overcome the fear, the constant struggle against what those in and of the world think of you? Deep down, how do you conquer this? I mean really deep down?


Anonymous said...

I'm a newcomer to your blog, and have only read this post, hope you don't mind. I'm going to put you on my "favorites" list so I can stop by often. If you had rather I wouldn't do this, just let me know and I'll respect your wishes. I am a born again sinner, (does it sound strange to hear someone say "born again sinner"?) this may be the first time I've used it myslef, however, I realize that's what I am, because I'm still in the natural body, when I get to Heaven I'll put off the sinful body and put on the spiritual one...
Hope I haven't confused you. Now back to reading more of your posts.

Amy Howard said...

I'd be honored if you added me to your favorites list! I hope that the rest of the posts are edifying to you.

God bless you and yours,