Saturday, April 15, 2006

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Oh tormented soul
so full of anger and grief!
Cans't thou smell the foul
foul odor of thy brief
speech, so full of hate,
slander in the breach
of friendship lost,
two souls forlorn,
a brother and sister
with no peace, torn
asunder by thine mind made up
and rent with judgement
and malice to sup
with all alone;
thy face to hide
instead of dealing squarely by
listening with reserve to another's
fate, thou dids't decide to hate
and unreservedly to rate
mine life with disdain,
thou dids't not constrain,
assuming with no good intent
and horrid story to invent.
In thine mind,
I lay to rot—
heart in pain—
wishing in vain
for those days of yore
that have gone before.
Thou, thou were the boy
whose life brought such joy
to a sister who did watch and defend
thine interest as the best of friend
to those who thought ill of thee;
my friend who dids't bring such glee.
Mine heart longs, and wishes to see
without any slander or ill thoughts toward me...
O brother, where art thou?

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