Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Giving Honor...

We had a wonderful visit with Jim Bob's mother and sister this past weekend! We spent much time traipsing about Abingdon, VA, where we live, showing them all of the historical landmarks, shopping, and simply oohing and aahing at the amazing countryside here in the Spring. The children also enjoyed getting to spend hours of free-time with their grandmother and aunt. They are all energized and their love-tanks are all filled up!

We never did get around to planting the rest of the things in our garden with them, however, because the only times we had available to do this it was raining :( .

We will get to the rest of our planting some time in the next week...we had more important things to tend to, like relationship-building with family.

Their visit made me think about the next upcoming holiday - Mother's Day. What AM I going to do for those in my life whom I desire to honor this year? Our mothers are not perfect, but they are the ones who sacrificed themselves for us through pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing. One can never fathom the depths to which they sacrificed until the experience of motherhood is firmly planted within. They truly are a picture of Christ to us; of His laying down His life. Cards are always appropriate, but even more, what can I do to show that I am passing on their legacy of love, faithfulness, and Christ-like sacrifice?

The jury is still out on this one...but I would like to hear what you are doing to honor the mothers in your life this year. I need some new and different ideas!


Kim said...

Well, well, well, looky what I stumbled upon. I was browsing over at Carmon's blog when she mentioned AmyJoeJimBob. How many people in the world have Amy and JimBob in the same sentence, I think? So here I am. Your blog is very nice. Mine is the same template, come on over sometime!
Kim S. in Austin!

Amy Howard said...


Thanks for checking in! It was so great to hear from you! Gosh, you make me miss everyone and everything back there in Central Texas!

I posted to your blog as well. Keep in touch! You have brought a smile to my face today!