Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Best Friend

Dear Rachele,

Thank you for being my dearest friend, indeed, my "Bosom Friend"(I think Anne of Green Gables would be proud of us!). You showed up at the right time yesterday to give me the hug I really needed. You and your precious children moved to Virginia to be with us, and I am so glad! I praise God for you and all of the ways you draw me out and urge me heavenward. For what is a friend if they don't urge you on to be more like the One you are called to imitate?

I have seen you die to self regularly, even though all you may see are your faults and short comings. We all do have our many short comings and no true friend would leave us in the stench that is our own sin, but there are also times of encouraging eachother and giving eachother a hand in the walk with Christ. That is what you do for me regularly, and I am a better woman for it.

I love you, my sister,

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