Monday, April 17, 2006

To All The Bloggers Who Have Gone Before...

Sing this to the tune of Willie Nelson's, "To All The Girls I've Loved Before..."
(Sorry. It doesn't rhyme perfectly ... and the meter's messed up, but it's my tribute to you and to National Poetry Month nonetheless.)

To all the bloggers who have gone before
Who've traveled in and out my door (o.k., my computer)
I thank you all the same
For helping me keep sane
To all the bloggers who have gone before...

To all the bloggers who have gone before
Who lift me up when my soul is poor
You teach me to obey
To never turn away
From Christ and all He's done before...

To all the bloggers who have gone before
You write the truth
and then write more...
You gladly chug along
Your children in happy throng
teaching me to sing your song....

To all the bloggers who have gone before
I honor you for your reports (o.k., so it doesn't rhyme perfectly)
Of the goings on
In your lively homes
Of messes on the floors
Can't find socks in the kids' drawers
And the schedules thrown out the doors...

To all the bloggers who have gone before
You humble me with constant source
Of husbands that you love
Of talking with God above
And living like a dove
On produce that you've grown (like I doesn't rhyme very well...give me a break...I'm a busy mom like you!)

To Kim at LFL I give much thanks
Because of you my office ranks
as one very organized place
O how I love Office Days!
And all of your efficient ways!

To Carmon over at Buried Treasure Books
I thank you for the way your blog always looks
so interesting to read
you keep me up to speed
On all the knowledge that I really need!

To Amy and her Humble Musings
You inspired me when I was hurting
a post that pushed me on
to remember with God I am one
and the farming vision that my husband spun...

To Amy Ringger's site regarding nature journaling
You inspired me to help my children see
God's full working (journaling is a hard word for which to find a rhyme!)
You've reminded me
Just how much that I don't see
When I am too busy (to draw with my kids)...

You all get the point I think
but there are so many more
so many more who have walked in my door (computer!)
who have given me
the push forward that I need
to glorify Christ in word and deed.

And so I thank you all
My order is so tall
to fill the shoes that have gone before.
I know I can never take your place
I hope someday we meet face to face
Because we all are in the same place...

We raise children to God's glory
encouraging each other to faithful be
My sisters we are strong
We know we are not wrong
Living lives that sing His song!

I encourage you to continue your dream
of living in God's pleasant stream
His love is living truth
Your lives are living proof
Follow Him, you'll be fool-proof!

Well, that's all I can do today. This just came to me this morning when I was thanking the Lord for the many godly women online from whom I have the opportunity to learn on an ongoing basis. I have had a very rough last couple of days and I just want to thank you all (there are so many that I didn't get around to mentioning. See my links for a more complete list.) You ladies are a constant source of encouragement to me....a gift from Him. You have helped me to see things in the correct perspective and to continue pursuing God's plan for my life in the face of intense persecution. Thank you. Thank you for your faithfulness!


Carmon Friedrich said...

Aw, thanks, Amy. I am in whole-hearted agreement that the words of many online ladies can be mightily used by God for encouragement to persevere. I hope your trial is brief and that God will be even more real to you as you cheerfully endure it.

I would love to hear more about the log home building adventure as it transpires, too.


Kim Brenneman said...

Hi Amy,
That is really sweet, thank you for the encouragement.
Keep on keeping on!

Amy Howard said...


My trial seems to be letting up a bit. Thank you. God definitely has become more real to me at this time. I love how He does that...He takes something that breaks my heart, picks up the pieces, and puts it back together in a way that I never could have imagined, in fact, better than possible to imagine. He is so good.

Now, as far as our log home adventures, I am posting something today ragarding that......stay tuned!

Hugs back to ya'