Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Log Home Class and My Husband, the Lumberjack!

Well, he did it! He went to the class and is glad that he did! This class was very beneficial. He came home with a knowledge of building with logs that he would never have had if not for this class. The folks who run it are fourth and fifth generation log home builders and know the best techniques for doing this quickly, efficiently, and with freedom from debt. We will be using these techniques to build our own home within the next three to four years.

If you want to know more, go to this link:There are a number of pictures on the site of homes that students from the class completed. I was blown away the first time I looked. We have been talking about building a log home for at least twelve years now. These homes were picture perfect-exactly what we wanted, so we did more research to find out if this association was/is legitimate. We found person after person (many Christian folks also) who had good things to say about the class. Jim Bob feels it was worth the money to attend.

My husband's blog also has a post with his experience of the class journaled there:I know a number of you are looking for more socio-economic freedom and the ability to really spend more time with your families, we are as well. This looks like it is going to help us accomplish that goal...maybe it will help you also.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I had NO idea you had a blog too! I just found it via Carmon's where you were mentioned--I figured Amy Jo Jim Bob HAD to be y'all! LOL Anyway, hope to see you tomorrow--on my way over to see Jim Bob's logging pictures!

Lyn aka Lynan at

Lumberjack Dan said...

Building with logs is a great skill to have. Congrats to you guys :)