Friday, August 08, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So, it was one of those days....

I had corrected, reproved, and rebuked too many things too many times.

Finally, after correcting my youngest dear daughter shortly before naptime, I had a long talk with her about what it means to be forgiven.

I said, "Did you know that when you disobey Mommy that you are sinning?" She said, "Oh."

I said, "Did you know that Jesus died on the cross so you can be forgiven for your sins?"

She said, "Him did?"

I said, "Yes, sweetie, Him did!"

She replied with, "Oh, I wuv Him toe much! I blow Him a tiss, and div Him a hud!"

At which point she proceeded to do just that.

With her chubby little hand pressed against her ruby red lips, she blew Him a "tiss," and then wrapped her soft pudgy little arms around the air and made the sweetest hugging groan I've ever heard! It was a good one too... I know because she's wrapped those soft little arms around my neck so many times and made that exact same sound.

I believe with all my heart that Jesus smiled down on her at that moment. I certainly couldn't help it... along with a few tears of joy.

I love being home with my children!

Do you receive forgiveness, like a little child, with all your heart? It's yours for the asking...

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