Monday, August 11, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

Today, I spent most of the day painting as I am hoping to finish up the home redecorating project in our main livng/dining areas before my in-laws come for a visit in a few weeks.

A dining room vignette

Today's project was the hallway which I am painting the same as the other areas because it is right off of the living room. I only completed the cut-ins, but that was plenty considering I only got to it during naptime and after the littles were in bed for the evening.

Here I am starting the project this afternoon.

Starting the cut-ins above the picture rail

This evening was a good time with our traditional "Monday is Mexican" night. I made chicken and cheese enchiladas with refried beans, brown rice, and salad. Jim Bob made sure that we had Salsa music to listen to courtesy of Pandora Radio. Everything turned out very yummy!

We try to have a few "themed nights" throughout each week to give us the feel of eating out even though we are at home. Monday is Mexican, Wednesday is sandwich and picnic at the park night, Friday is Italian night, complete with Mambo Italiano radio, also courtesy of Pandora Radio. We find that this is a great way to introduce the children to other cultures through the taste of their yummy foods and wonderful music, in addition to talking about that place and interesting facts or trivia about that land. We change it up every so often and always try to keep it interesting by trying new recipes.

Afterward, our youngest decided she was big enough to do the dishes herself, so we let her.

Joyfully serving her family

Pausing to smile at Daddy!

As you can see, she had to stand way up on her tippy toes to reach the sink, but she did a great job with Mimi's help!


P.S. More pictures of the entire living/dining room redo coming soon.

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