Saturday, August 09, 2008

A little quiet time alone

How is it that I have the best husband in the whole world?

When I am running completely on empty he is so sweet to me. Right now he is with my mother and the children getting a bunch of things out of our garage and into storage. Before he left with everyone to go to the storage unit, he came to me and said, "Enjoy a little peace and quiet."

I asked him if he was taking everyone with him. He said that yes, he was. I was so blessed!

I'm not one for taking a large amount of "me time," in fact, I think the whole notion to be silly because, really, we are selfish creatures, and when is it ever truly enough to satiate our internal desire to have more for ourselves? It simply feeds that "me-monster."

Instead, I have learned that I must trust the Lord for the needed down-time necessary to the proper functioning of a busy wife and mother.

And the Lord was gracious enough to provide for my needs as He saw fit. That was through my husband's generosity and kindness. Never mind the fact that Jim Bob has a headache and is tired today from staying up late with me last night so that my food would digest properly. Acid Reflux is such a fun disease ;0)

I praise the Lord today for my husband. We've had our ups and downs in life, but we are truly here for one another. There is a bunch of giving from the heart going on between us both. We both give 100%, as much as we are able, with God's grace. It's never perfect.... never, but it is beautiful.

Whoever decided that 50/50 and equal giving is a good philosophy in marriage never faced the fact of reality. There isn't ever an equal amount of giving all the time. In this mindset, there is no room for true love, for true love puts others before self, and sees to the other's good first, trusting that the Lord Jesus, Who always put others first, will provide for our needs in His time.

And His timing is always perfect. Always.

Thank You, Father, for always providing the down time when You know I need it most. Thank You for providing this wonderful man as my husband. I am humbled and truly grateful.

Have you thanked your husband lately? Have you thanked the Lord for your husband?

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