Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Conference... Day Two

So, I went to the conference again this morning and was again humbled at how much work I have to do. Yes, I most definitely am a glutton for punishment! I didn't get to listen to the entire morning's sessions as I was needing to get up frequently to help one of my children (I have three that are 5 and under). But I will be listening to the recordings of the talks given at this conference again once they are ready because I know this is an area in which I need much growth.

The main thing I have taken away from this conference so far is that I must love and honor my children differently than I do. They deserve respect as co-heirs in Christ with me. I must also teach them the same thing towards us as their parents and toward each other as siblings. We have far to go in this area in the Howard Family, but it is very encouraging to know that there are so many others who are in the same boat. There are so many others that are striving for the same thing, that's why we have almost 700 people at the conference this year.

If you were not blessed with the ability to go, I would recommend buying the CD set once it's ready. It's going to be one of those sets I will listen to over and over again until the Word of God works its way into my heart and soul where it will not return void.

Yes, I have a lot of work to do in this area of honor, but, there is repentance, forgiveness, peace and hope to be had on the side of honor... live it, breathe it, walk it and you will be redeemed and blessed.

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