Monday, March 27, 2006

Anyone Have a Two-Year-Old-to-English Dictionary?

Have you ever written down all those cute little things that your children say? I wish I had written down every single one of them, but I don't have the time. I have realized over the last few years how many of those sweet little things I have forgotten. So, I have decided to start keeping a running list on the side of my fridge that allows me to write down all of the things they say...I'll format it on something prettier later....wait, that's part of the reason I'm writing this blog!

Well, here goes:

Ds#2's newest word: "Hunormous" (Huge and enormous put together) You use this one when the size of something is so big it absolutely blows your mind!

Dd#1's: many things she says end with a "y," or "ey," like, "No wanny do," which, of course, means "I don't want to." (She is two after all!) Or she'll say, "All doney Daddy." This, of course, means "All done."

My personal favorite of dd#1's is what she calls Hot Chocolate: "Hot Sake" (you know, the Japanese hot alcoholic drink!)

She also says things like: "Buckings" (buttons), "Pockies" (pockets), "Fra-coo" (freckle). She will sometimes even say "Fra-coo Buddy," which, to any astute observer, means "I have a freckle on my belly!" Then there is "Heggy." Heggy is the noodle-y stuff with the tomato sauce on top.

Funny the way they try so hard to express themselves, isn't it? My nine year old, ds#1, will usually laugh at the way they speak. I know it's hilarious sometimes. And there are times when we all burst out laughing (another way God brings us joy through the blessing of our children). But we try not to laugh at them because they are trying, in their best way possible, to communicate. We want to encourage their attempts at communicating with us.

Maybe I'm being too melodramatic, but isn't that what the Lord does for us? He listens, and listens, and listens to our fumbling attempts to communicate with him and communicate His love to others. We try so hard to understand our children. He Who created us does even more than this...He stoops to our level to make us know we've been heard, never belittling us in the process. Sure, we may be humbled by this love, but never humiliated.

How much more should we, who have been shown His grace and mercy, extend the same to our children?


Kim Brenneman said...

Amy, I was just thinking the same thing about being better at writing those cute things down. Coincidence? hmmm
I was trying to think of some way to do it on the blog side bar. Think think think

Beckye said...

Let me encourage you to write down every one that you want to remember! I thought I'd remember the adorable things they did and said, but I have forgotten all but what was written down! :( But those are cherished!

LOVE your blog, Amy!

Mom of ds(18) and dd (15)

Amy Howard said...

Kim and Beckye,

Thanks for your comments!

I remembered another one (and yes, I did write it down!):

Faith to Daddy first thing in the morning: "Momring, Daddy!"

Now, when we get up every morning, this is our way of greeting each other!

Linda said...
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