Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weight-Loss Wednesday (June 17 edition)

Well, week number four of my T-Tapp adventure has been completed and I am seeing more results than I thought I would after only a month of working out the T-Tapp way.

So far I have learned:

1. The better the form, the better the workout. This is so true! Rather than working harder, I work smarter. The better the form, the less reps I can do and still get better, quicker results. Case in point: I'm only doing the stomach exercises two reps every morning (and they don't hurt or malign my back the way sit-ups or crunches do, although I most definitely do feel "the burn") and I have the very definite beginnings of a "six-pack" muscle formation on my stomach! :)

2. Lots of water and walking correctly (see the Step-Away-The-Inches Walking Workout) pumps the lymphatic system and cleans the fat literally right off my body. I'm seeing the loss all over. This is wonderful.

3. Having to focus on many different muscles groups at one time really gives me mental clarity and lots of energy throughout each day.

4. Through doing the arm exercises in the Walking Workout and in the Total Workout, I am already developing long, lean muscle mass in my arms... something I thought I'd never see on my body type. All workouts I've done in the past only gave me bunched up, bulky muscle mass.

Funny story:

The other day I was out with a friend and her children. One of her little girls came up to me and said, "I can make a muscle!" She then proceeded to show me her curled up biceps. "Very nice!" I told her. She then asked me to make my muscle. So I did. I saw her eyes—and the eyes of my own children—get big and then I looked at my arm. I have a very long, lean, cut bicep appearing that I didn't know until that very moment was even there! I showed my hubby who then said, "WOW! You go, girl!"

Needless to say, that felt good!

5. Lift those ribs and lock those lats! It is helping to straighten my spine, correct posture problems I've had for a long time, flatten out my tummy(!), and I think it's making me taller.

I was ordering more Alfalfa from the T-Tapp office the other day and told them thanks for all they do. I told them my results for the last few weeks, and they have now asked me to write up a testimonial for their website and send in some pictures. Can you believe it? I never thought it would come to this when I started T-Tapping just a month ago!

You never know what will happen!

My results for this week:

I started T-Tapp a month ago at a very tight size 10 (truthfully, although I was ashamed to admit it at the time, almost a size 12), and am now in either very loose 10's or very comfortable 8's! The only exception to that is a couple pair of pants I have that I was pretty sure were sized wrong, from the time I bought them, and so they are still comfortable at a 10, although they are becoming looser.) I have more fat to lose, so I think it is possible with my body type and frame size that I could conceivably end up at a size 6 or even 4. Not sure yet at what point I will feel the healthiest, so I will keep on until I do, and then maintain the results with workouts about three times per week for cardiovascular health, conditioning, and energy. I will probably continue the walking around five times or so a week at that point because of the energy it gives.

I truly feel that this is one of the best things I have ever done for my family and myself.

My total fat loss this week: 2.75 inches. I know it doesn't sound like much, but what you don't see happening is the fact that I am building so much muscle (long and lean, I might add!) underneath the fat, so this is a net loss. So, really, I look like I lost more than that this week. I'm thrilled with what I am seeing!

My total loss for my first month: 19 inches!!!

Everybody say it with me; WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!

Area of my body that saw the greatest improvement: My pecs and lats as well as my stomach.

Oh yeah, by the way, I did grow about half an inch in height, too!

If you need more inspiration to T-Tapp along with me, watch this video:


Click on the link right above the first picture of her on the left where it says "new video."

Praise the Lord for His goodness to me and for giving me the wherewithal to stick to it!

Have you started T-Tapping yet?

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I enjoy your updates on Weight-Loss Wednesday. Thanks!