Tuesday, September 30, 2008

White (well, now it is) Wicker!

So here it is, my newest garage sale find! I was on the way to our local farmer's market and, while driving, I saw this set on the driveway of a home I was passing. I thought to myself, "if that is still there when I am on my way back from the market, I will stop in and check on it." I know, you are asking why I didn't simply stop then.

I needed eggs from the farmer's market, and they go really fast because the restaurants snatch them up if you are not there early! The previous week, I'd gotten there when the market opened and I was too late. Mmmmmm, nothing like real farm fresh eggs!

Anyhoo, as we were driving home from the farmer's market (with the eggs), I saw that this lovely wicker set was still there (an hour and a half later! Can you believe it?). I turned in and walked straight over to the chair, took a quick look at it, and asked the owner how much she wanted for it.

"Ten dollars," she replied. I couldn't believe it. I was sure that the reason that it was still sitting there had something to do with the price being too high.

When she answered me, another lady turned and said, "Only ten dollars?" I quickly replied with, "MINE!"

I know, I know, I sound like one of my small children when they don't want to share! Truth be known, I could have talked her down on the price because it had been sitting there for so long, and she really wanted to move her items out the door, but, with competition looking at the same item and announcing that the price was "ONLY" ten dollars, I had to move fast if I wanted to get it.

So, that weekend was spent in grungy clothes and spray paint. And here are the beautiful results:

I am so happy with them... I had been looking all summer for a chair and some tables just like these for my front porch, and the Lord provided!

Now, another cold weather project for me: sewing some lovely shabby chic pillows and throws to adorn these with the comfort and beauty that I want to give to my family as a gift for all the love they give me. I can just picture us next Spring sitting on these and having a relaxing time reading aloud together, all nestled in pillows and comfort and enjoying tea!

I want my children to remember hours of loving family time snuggled together on this porch while talking of the day's events, what we have read, and the Lord's goodness to us.

I, of course, will also have my morning coffee out there too!

What projects are you doing in your home to reflect the love of the Lord and His goodness to you in blessing you with your family?

Lots of love to you,


Lisa Winton said...

What lovely finds, Amy! Here are some things I've been up to in our home... While Randy and the boys were out of town playing a concert this weekend and I was home with our sick little girl, I took her naptimes as opportunity to decorate the house for fall. When they arrived home, I had everything looking festive for the change of seasons, and had made a big pot of minestrone soup and two loaves of fresh whole-wheat bread. I am also sewing some cute jumpers for little Anna for the fall and winter. It is such a gift from the Lord to stay at home and perform labors of love for our families! I enjoy reading your blog because your heart for beauty in the home and blessing your family through your efforts reflects my own. Blessings..

Amy Howard said...


I wish that I could sit on my front porch with you and chat over a cup of tea/coffee! I think we are two kindred spirits!

Your minestrone soup and fresh baked bread sound so lovely! Want to share that recipe? My famly loves minestrone!

I also made homemade applesauce recently and it turned out so yummy! Nothing like fresh, organic, locally grown apples! Mmmmmm... fresh apple cider and apple pie, and applesauce! Life is good!

I'm saving your blog in my favorites so that I can visit you more often!

Lots of love to you, my sister in Christ!

Mama said...

Great finds! I love what a can of spray paint can do:) But doesn't your hand get cramped after a while? Whew, mine sure did after the porch bench I did this summer...felt like I had punched a wall! But it was worth it to see all 4 of the kiddos lined up with popsicles, sticky and sweet! We miss your sweet family, hope to see you all soon!