Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weight-Loss Wednesday

Hello all!

Well, I did my weekly T-Tapp excercises and did well!

I did notice this week that I learned more about proper form and I am feeling stronger as a result. The T-Tapp form is what makes it so unique.

I was able to correct, just a couple of days ago, a few places in the Total Workout where I was not doing the excercises properly because I was used to arching my lower back instead of keeping it straight with my tail turned under. This is really good because it protects my back and I receive the added benefits in the muscle activation which will only aid me in future inch loss!

I was going to begin walking on my "off" days from the workouts, but a few scheduling problems prevented that until two days ago. I am happy to report that in doing the Step-Away-The-Inches-Walking-Workout, I have noticed more loss over just the last couple of days.

So, without further ado.....

My total inch loss for week #3:

4.25 inches!!!

This adds up to 16.25 inches in the last three weeks of doing T-Tapp. Those inches are gone from my body, my heart, my lungs, all over! Almost a foot and a half!!!

I can feel the difference as my energy increases every few days. This is such a blessing for my family as they reap the benefits too! I feel more hormonally balanced as well which contributes to a much better state of mind when stressful situations arise. Boy, am I glad about that! Everyone knows what a nut-case I am! :)

Another added benefit was that over last weekend, I went shopping for a swimsuit for our family trip to the beach next month. I actually had fun shopping for a swimsuit for the first time since I was in my teens! My muscle tone and loss of fat made me feel more confident in swimsuits for the first time in over twenty years!

I didn't buy one swimsuit. Nope, I bought four!!!!

Have you begun to question whether you need to do T-Tapp yet? I'm telling you, it's worth it!


Dena's Deliberations said...

Hmmmm....You may have convinced me to pull mine out and give it a shot!

Dena's Deliberations said...

Hmmmm....You may have convinced me to pull mine out and give it a shot!

Beckye said...

Okay, Amy, I have missed your blog for a while and haven't heard about this! Your results are amazing!! So proud of you and happy for you! May have to come over and find out about this!! :D Keep up the great work!!

Love you!